Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust

Hey! I’m Miranda, I’m 19 and I live in Southern California. I love Sigur Rós, Iceland, Pentatonix, and other good things.

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Mt Kirkjufell (Church mountain) is a beautifully shaped and a symmetric, free standing mountain on the northern coastline of the Snaefell’s Peninsula W-Iceland. The creation of the mountain can be traced to the latest cold epoch of the ice age, when the glaciers and their rivers were seriously carving out the landscape and opposite this beautifully shaped mountain we have this lovely waterfall named after the mountain and is called Kirkjufellsfoss. This makes for a stunning view and a great photo opportunity when the conditions are right. This day it was just perfect

The daily Hallgrímskirkja #iceland #reykjavik #iheartwalkingtour #vscocam
I forgot to tell you guys that last night when I got home from work I came to my computer and found this beauty taped to it
oh I like seeing Ryan and Esther and Jeremy haha

oh no I think they meant extra videos of just their clips and no one else’s because last night i made this post (i’ll still be filming ryan and esther and jeremy no matter what)

Anonymous asked: I like when u just make ptx ones bc I don't really care about the other people oops

HAHA okay omg


Ok Scott

Kaya Scodelario

watch superfruit right now

i’m trying to see inside of scott’s brain to choose the best beyonce picture for him but it is so, so difficult

I’m hoping to paint Scott’s Beyonce shirt today but I still don’t know what picture of her to choose help help help!!!

I was thinking maybe this one because it looks really nice but it might be wayyy too difficult for me

keep in mind that I want it to be something he might actually wear, and it’ll be 100% white paint on black material

please send me photo ideas if you’ve got them!

i don’t even have a caption just embrace it for what it is



Question: why the hell are they wearing jumpers in the middle of July?

I don’t know, they’re crazy. It’s like 80 degrees over here.

it’s literally so hot I don’t understand
unless they only put on the clothes they’re wearing for the superfruit episode, that would explain things

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Who’s Mike?

Mitch’s Dad

omg stop